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Custom Client/Corporate Gifts

We welcome the opportunity to partner with your business to create welcome gifts, holiday gifts, sales and PR promotions to help your business leave a lasting impression. We have a minimum of 10 gifts for client/corporate gifts. We will work with you to select the perfect gift box combo or provide 3 options for you to pick from to reduce analysis paralysis. We then send gift boxes directly to your clients or to you. Hand delivery available for an added personal touch.

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Bridal & Custom Gift Orders

We love all things Wedding: welcome gifts, bride/groom, bridal party gifts. We love it all! It’s probably our favorite type of gift to work on. We love creating, beautiful, detailed gifts that tie together families, friends, interests, hometowns and showcase the sentiments of this very special milestone.


We require a minimum of 10 gifts for any customized gift. 

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