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About Us

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We all have different love languages, and mine has always been gift-GIVING.  God has gifted ME with so many learning experiences, joy, difficulties and above all LOVE.  It became abundantly clear why I have always believed there is nothing better than finding the perfect gift to express heartfelt emotion. Founding DG just made sense and felt like it was what God had been preparing me to do. 


Starting a new business amidst a global pandemic has not been easy.  I went back and forth several times on quitting before even starting but I realized this journey was just another way God wanted to bless me.  Since starting DG He's walked me through letting go of a lot of fears- fear of failure, fear of leaving my comfort zone, and fear of not being good enough.  I know these are fears we all have at some point or other and it prevents us from reaching our God-given potential. He is working in my life in so many areas and I'm overjoyed with all there is yet to come.

I have been fortunate enough to be a small part of so many our clients' milestones and it brings so much joy to witness how others show love, share in a loss, and support others in moments of excitement, and happiness.  How wonderful to see the GIFT OF GIFT-GIVING alive and well!  



But let’s be honest - in our busy world (and now with COVID), finding the time to go shopping, traipsing from store to store isn't possible or safe for some.  And even spending hours online isn’t always feasible, no matter how much we want to find just the right gift for every occasion.  Wedding parties, corporate celebrations, even a gift box for that one special person – why not  let District Gifting handle that for you?


Our mission is to make the gift-giving experience as easy and joyous for you as it is for the recipient all while supporting and promoting other small businesses.  At District Gifting we primarily source from women-owned and small businesses choosing American-made products first.

We’ll be sure your gifts convey just the right message for any occasion or event. Choose from our select list of gift boxes or work with our staff to create the perfect  combination of items to suit your recipients, your event and your budget.


We feature products made in the USA and from small and local businesses.

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