The Sam Box

Caffeine-free Alternatives for the win!  Connect with nature as you lather up with Waterbody Meadowspring Soap, and slip into cozy socks to fight the cold floor blues.


Indigo Wild Beverage Company-Ingredients: organic coconut milk powder (dehydrated coconut milk, tapioca dextrin derived from yucca), organic coconut palm sugar, organic matcha powder, organic cinnamon powder, and organic monk fruit. 5.9 oz bag.  

Not everyone can start their day with a steamy cup o’ joe. For those who suffer from the effects of caffeine and acidity, coupled with the lack of health conscious, dairy-free hot cocoa and latte anything mixes-Indigo Wild was created!!  Women-Owned.  U.S. Made.  From Bend, Oregon.


Le Bon Shoppe-Cloud Socks

Their vision is to create beautiful, stand alone pieces that live beyond the whims of seasons and trends. With a focus on natural textiles, simple designs, and prismatic colors, Le Bon Shoppe is a collection of timeless treasures for you to add to your own trove.  Women owned- not on Amazon.


Waterbody- Meadowspring Soap Bar. Inspired by the verdant green meadows that skirt Alaska’s wild glacial-fed rivers, the Meadowspring Soap feels like an invigorating dip into a fresh mountain stream. The nutrient-rich herbs of Alaska’s meadows and the fresh scent of wild mint blend with organic oils to gently cleanse and nourish both skin and hair while uplifting your senses. Full Ingredients: Olive oil*, coconut oil*, sunflower oil*, shea butter*, castor oil*, water, sodium hydroxide, peppermint*, nettle, horsetail, peppermint essential oil* *Certified organic ingredient 4 oz. bar





Limited Time: The Sam Box

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